lip piercings

ear piercings

other piercings

nostril (pierced through either side of the nose)

septum (pierced through the septum, the bottom center of the nose)

eyebrow (pierced vertically through the outer curve of the eyebrow)

smiley (pierced in the frenulum between the upper lip and the gums)

tongue web (pierced in the frenulum under the tongue)

nipple (pierced through the nipple either horizontally or vertically)

navel (pierced through the top rim of the belly button)


(The jewellery is in the price)




Lobe: 1db 7.000 Ft / 2 pieces 12.000 Ft
Helix: 8.000 Ft
Tragus: 8.500 Ft
Rook: 8.500 Ft
Forward Helix: 9.000 Ft
Snug: 8.500 Ft
Conch: 8.000 Ft
Daith: 8.500 Ft
Anti Tragus: 8.500 Ft
Industrial: 10.000 Ft



Nostril: 8.500 Ft
Septum: 10.000 Ft



Lip: 8.000 Ft / 2 pieces: 14.000 Ft
Labret: 7.000 Ft
Bridge: 8.500 Ft
Monroe: 7.000 Ft
Medusa: 7.000 Ft
Vertical Labret: 9.000 Ft
Angel Bites: 12.000 Ft
Snake Bites: 12.000 Ft
Smiley / Tongue Web: 8.500 Ft


Eyebrow: 8.500 Ft
Navel: 10.000 Ft
Smiley: 8.500 Ft
Nipple: 12.000 Ft / 2 pieces: 20.000 Ft


Nipple:  12.000 Ft – 2 pieces/20.000 Ft



Our jewellery is made of surgical steel and titanium therefore there is no chance of any allergic reaction.

We can work with jewelries you already own and in this case the price goes down by 1000 Huf. Not all jewelries are ideal for piercings, please ask our piercer for more information! (In this case we can not be hold responsible for any healing problems!)

We work with single use sterile needles, with local anesthesia if needed.

If you have any questions about getting a piercing,  send us a message!  🙂

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